Investing & What Does It Mean?

Whether you’re planning for your new home, your dream wedding, college fees or simply for a rainy day, a sensible savings plan can make all the difference.  However, with interest rates currently at all-time lows, the rate of return being offered by the Banks to deposit savers is very poor, and many investors are seeking alternative investment solutions in order to generate a return on their funds.

We have lots of different savings and investment options, depending on how you wish to save – and what you’re aiming for.

There are many ways to invest – what is important is understand the investment solution and make sure it suits you and your goals.

When we talk about investing – we are talking about investing in assets such as:

  • Company shares (also known as equities)
  • Bonds
  • Commercial property and
  • Alternative investments such as commodities (oil, gold etc), infrastructure, private equity

Our experience tells us that because of the risks, investing can make some people nervous. There are however many solutions available today to suit different risk appetites. To help achieve many of the long term financial goals that you may have, at some stage you may want to consider investing. We will bring our expertise, combined with the wide range of investment solutions available to us, to identify an investment strategy which is appropriate to your appetite for investment risk, and designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. We will ensure that you are kept informed of its progress over time so that you have the appropriate knowledge to enable you to make any changes to your investment strategy if you wish.

Investing involves risk. The risk arises as the value of the underlying asset(s) – such as shares, bonds or property as mentioned above – can fall and rise over time.

It’s time in the market that counts, not timing the market…

It is important to understand that any life assurance investment fund can lose value in the short term. You need to decide if you’re comfortable with that, and are prepared to invest for 5 years or more, to give your investment the best chance to grow in value. Even long term, investing has risks; values can go down as well as up.

Plans to suit everyone

What are your financial goals?
Would you start saving regularly for your Children’s Education, or a big purchase like a new car, or a dream holiday?

Personal Savings

Whether you intend to save regularly or have a lump sum to invest, we have lots of sensible options to choose from. To help you make the best choices for your money, Contact Us:

Personal Investments

If you have a lump sum such as an inheritance, or an existing savings plan, we can invest it for you. We put together options for each client based upon their personal circumstances, which allows you to feel comfortable investing your money.

That’s why at Prisma Financial Limited we work hard to ensure we talk about the investment funds in a clear way. We aim to recommend solutions that you will understand and that will deliver an investment journey that you, our client is comfortable with. With access to all Providers in the market place, we ensure that we cater for the needs of the many different types of investors.